We at RO make our customers shine !

We create and implement beautiful and innovative retail and office concepts that really work. Today and in the future.

You can contact us for advice, concept development and implementation as well as for the coordination of the complete realisation of the concept. Whether it's about one project or implementing it in an entire network, we take care of it for you from A to Z.

Thanks to our years of experience in retail and office design, we are true specialists in our field. Human beings are central to every solution we offer. The behaviour and needs of the consumer, visitor or employee are always the starting point for our work process. We mix this with a good understanding of your company culture and your brand DNA, in order to guarantee successful solutions.

We embrace the many innovations that are currently reaching the world of retail and office design and see this as an opportunity for our customers to stand out.



You can rely on us for a wide range of specialties in retail and office design. Next to this you can trust the implementation of your projects to us, we can take care of the total project management, on site follow-up en coordination of all the works.

icoon advies

Advice & coaching

We crack your commercial, technical or strategic issues based on our knowledge and experience. Hands-on and accessible. With our practical tools and advice, real successful actions can be taken and implemented.
By working together today, we'll make sure your business will still be relevant tomorrow.
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icoon design

Concept & design

We develop relevant and future-proof concepts that work and generate an impact. We create stories that easily are retold and translate them into a well-founded and solid design.
This is how we like to grow businesses and make our customers shine.
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icoon uitvoeren

Development and implementation

We optimize creative designs into a manufacturable and reproducible concept. By modulating and standardising, we guarantee fast and cost-efficient production.
We do this with extreem attention to detail, material and technology, but above all with respect for our planet.
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Icoon branding & communicatie

Branding & communication

We believe that successful branding and communication generates a dialogue with its target group. Communication serves to provoke interaction between your brand and your customers and employees.
At RO we design and realize branding and communication that brings your brand to life and differentiates you from the rest.
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Some of our reference partners.

In recent years, we have worked closely with our customers on more than 500 retail and office projects.


John Doe

John Doe