Concept &

Our passion is to develop relevant and future-proof concepts that generate impact.

With your brand as the basis and the needs of your target group and end user as the common thread, we develop, together, a strong conceptual and visual story that sticks your customers and/or employees minds and will be told on.
We then translate these concepts into a well-founded design in which structure and stop power are central. Our designs are flexible and scalable so they can evolve in time. Moreover, we always take into account your branding and in-store communication expressions.
It shouldn't just be beautiful. It also should tell your story.
We do this with extreem attention to detail, material and technology, but above all with respect for our planet.

Here's what we can do for you:

1. Concept & design for retail & office

Together we determine the story of your retail or office environment. We bring your brand to life and provide relevant solutions for your target audience. In addition to the architecture and interior design, we create appropriate in-store communication and branding. Commerciality, stopping power, structure and human dialogue are at the base of our creations.

2. Design drawings and plans

We provide a commercial floor plan, taking into account a good organisation, walking ways, sight lines and warm zones. We optimise the use of space and take care of you in the implementation of your shop or office environment.

3. Quick-win design

We propose small, budget-friendly concepts that can be quickly implemented in your stores or offices thus generating in immediate results.